Where Thunder Reigns

A Story of Love and Denial at the Court of Henry VIII

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The latest news about the Tudor drama,  "Where Thunder Reigns


22nd December 2017

The full film has now been released on YouTube! Watch it via this link!

7th July 2017

Some very exciting news coming soon from the producers, seen here at the cinematic premiere last year...


5th December 2015

Exciting news coming soon as post production comes to completion, including the official trailer, the movie poster and the film premiere.

21st April 2015

Work continues on post production and the film is looking really good! Colour grading, sound editing, musical score and artwork creation are just some of the tasks in progress. More news soon and even more excitingly, a  first look at the film with the release of a trailer!

24th November 2014

It's a wrap on filming for "Where Thunder Reigns"! A massive thank you to all cast, crew and all those who have supported this project so far! Images from Phase III of filming to appear on this website soon! 

27th October 2014

Our forthcoming shoot in November features a banquet scene in the Great Hall, where the table is to be set with authentic Tudor fayre, including Anne Boleyn's favourites - Maids of Honour cakes. So named, as legend has it, by Henry VIII, when he caught Anne eating them in the kitchen with the parlour maids. 

The cakes for our production will be freshly baked from the historical recipe by two of our catering team, Jack and Sue Richards, seen here having had a successfully yummy rehearsal. Doubtless, on the day, after the shoot, the cakes won't go to waste with certain members of the crew (no names mentioned!) eager to tuck in!   

20th October 2014

A very successful weekend for the project with a fantastic set of auditions for the final key roles of the film and good progress with the arrangements for the November shoot. Announcements on those final castings to come very soon! 

24th September 2014

Phase II of filming is complete! It can officially be declared a triumphant success thanks to the efforts of the amazingly talented cast and crew, as well as the contribution of many others in supporting this ambitious project. Now planning will commence on the third and final phase of filming.

22nd September 2014

The first day of filming for phase II of "Where Thunder Reigns"  hit the target multiple times! 

15th September 2014

Another location scout, this time in North Somerset, yielded excellent results. All locations have now been identified and we have to say that we think all are truly amazing!   


Twitter Feed

10th September 2014

A massively successful session last night to record two very chilling teasers for "Where Thunder Reigns".

They will be released very soon! 

24th August 2014

Casting call for supporting actors now active! Click >HERE< to learn more and to apply!

17th August 2014

Today was about location scouting and we are pleased to report that it was a very successful day. We are now almost there with this important aspect of the pre-production, with only one more location to find. We are very excited about how the locations are really going to add to the authentic feel of the film.

Highlights included the perfect Tudor four poster bed,  a magnificent oak tree and a remote 13th century church that really takes you back in time. 

15th August 2014

Excellent costume fitting for the two lead actors yesterday - The splendour of the Tudor court will be be resurrected thanks to the amazing skills and incredible talent of the costume team, Nicola Kalocsai and Christine Salzer.

12th August 2014

More cast members confirmed today! With such a fantastic number of talented actors on board, we are one hundred percent confident that the final film will do justice to the remarkable people whose true story we will tell. 

3rd August 2014

Twitter account and IMDB for "Where Thunder Reigns"  set up today. Please follow us!  @twoandsixpence 

2nd August 2014

Pre-production continues on this exciting project and some exciting teasers will be coming soon... 

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