Where Thunder Reigns

A Story of Love and Denial at the Court of Henry VIII

The Privy Council

The crew behind  "Where Thunder Reigns"


Writer and Director

Graham Pitt


Director of Photography

Adam Finch


1st Assistant Director

Roslyn Shennan



George Lawrence

Roland Oliver


Sound Recordist 

Ryan Howell


Script Supervisor

Myles Woolford


Costume Supervisor

Nicola Kalocsai


Costume Department

Nicola Kalocsai

Christine Salzer


Make Up Artists / Hair

Catt Wakely

Chloe Downton



Christine Salzer

Sue Richards

Jack Richards


Production Assistant

Jordan Donoghue Morgan

Laurie Richards



Graham Pitt

Martin Challinor

A Graham Pitt Film    |    A Two and Sixpence Production